Lantitaps set up for irrigation

Previous steps before the ear irrigation for the removal of ear wax plugs


  1. Prepare enough clean water (minimum 500 ml) in a container to fill the Lantitaps.
  2. Check the water is warm (37ºC approximately) to avoid the risk of vertigo in the patient due to stimulation of the caloric reflex caused by the irrigation.
  3. Remove the interchangeable speculum of the front side of Lantitaps (Figures 1 & 10).
  4. Immerse the Lantitaps nozzle in the water previously prepared (Figure 2).
  5. To fill the Lantitaps, pull the trigger and pull back the loader, while the nozzle is still immersed (Figures 3 & 4). Hold the trigger in order to keep a constant load pressure.
  6. The best position to fill Lantitaps is keeping your arm extended when holding the handle, so the container should be kept in a lower position than the forearm is (Figure 2).
  7. When the pull has reached its final position, stop pushing the trigger and take the nozzle out of the water. The Lantitaps is filled (Figure 5).
  8. Place again the interchangeable speculum on the front side of Lantitaps (Figures 6 &7).
  9. The Lantitaps is ready to use (Figure 8).


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We have developed a new device that allows the removal of earwax plugs from the ear canal.

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