It is the second surgery in Clínica Diagonal where Pectus Up Surgery Kit is used by Dr. Emili Canalís to operate on a boy with Pectus Excavatum

Dr. Emili Canalís has performed the Taulinoplastia technique, the extrathoracic and minimally invasive correction of the most common thoracic wall deformity, Pectus Excavatum, with the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, on six patients from several hospitals in Catalonia. This time, the innovative technique has been performed in Clínica Diagonal in Barcelona, with the collaboration of Dr. Hugo Landa, specialist in Thoracic Surgery in Hospital Miguel Servet, in Zaragoza.

Dr. Emili Canalís Arrayàs is specialized in Thoracic Surgery and currently he is Professor of Surgery. He is also an expert in Pectus Excavatum and other chest wall deformities correction, as well as in minimally invasive surgery and other diseases. He cares for patients of mutual insurance companies as Seguros Fiatc, Mutua General de Catalunya etc., and also private patients in Clínica Diagonal, Teknon Medical Center, Idcsalud – Hospital General de Catalunya and in Hospital Viamed Monegal in Tarragona, among other clinics and medical centers in Barcelona and Tarragona.

Clínica Diagonal is a reference hospital in the health sector, with latest generation equipment and technology, and also an intensive care unit. The clinic provides the Pectus Excavatum patients with the new surgical technique, with Dr. Emili Canalís as the reference specialist in Thoracic Surgery in this Center.

Clínica Diagonal brings to ten the number of hospitals using the Pectus Up Surgery Kit for the Pectus Excavatum surgical treatment.

Collaboration between surgeons from several cities around Spain

This surgery has enjoyed the collaboration of Dr. Joaquín Calatayud Gastardi, specialist in Thoracic Surgery, practicing within the public health field in Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid, and part of the medical team in Clínica Ruber Internacional.

Hospital Clínico San Carlos is a referent medical center both nationally and internationally, with more than 5000 professionals, remaining the main reference center in healthcare professionals training from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.