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Ventura Precision Components

Ventura Precision Components has more than 40 years of experience in the industrial sector, supplying products, capacity and sustained services in a constantly changing technological environment. Ventura Corporation works on high quality standards and on a very flexible basis in order to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients, who consider Ventura is model of business excellence.

Initially, we focused on the manufacture of high precision and quality mechanical components for leading companies in the automotive sector but also for dealing with trucks, motorbikes and aeronautics. Currently, Ventura Corporation is an international company integrating two SBU’s (strategic business units):

-Ventura Precision Components: World leader in the production of new generation brake pistons for the main manufacturers: Robert Bosch, Continental, TRW…, supplying globally from our three production plants:

  • Baldomero Ventura SL La Roca (SPAIN)
  • BVentura Corp. Houston (USA)
  • BVentura Suzhou (CHINA).

-Ventura Medical Technologies



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