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Do you have an idea?

Ventura Medical Technologies gives you the chance to work on projects based on innovative ideas, making them a reality by developing real technological solutions for those needs you may have detected in the health sector.

If you would like to develop a project with us, send your proposal to us at Ventura Medical Technologies, C. Maresme, 4 – P.I. El Ramassar, 08520 Les Franqueses del Vallès – Barcelona (Spain) or by filling in the form below.

As soon as we have an initial evaluation, we will contact you. We understand that each project requires a different and personalised presentation but we recommend following the steps below, guaranteeing total confidentiality at all times:

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  • Short project description
  • Technologies involved
  • Expected end results of the project (prototypes, product/service)
  • Potential market (description and approximate volume)

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Product development

The company has the technological capacity to innovate and develop new medical devices in different medical and surgical specialti...+info