Hospital Sagrat Cor in Barcelona and Hospital General de Catalunya in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) have been the scene of the training activities for surgeons, pediatric and thoracic, coming from Colombia.

Dr. Bernardo Núñez García, coordinator of Pediatric Surgery Service in Hospital Parc Taulí, and Dr. Laureano Molins, head of Thoracic Surgery Service in Hospital Clínic and Hospital Sagrat Cor in Barcelona, are carrying out a training process in the innovative Taulinoplastia surgical technique for several surgeons specialized in thoracic deformities interested in the Pectus up, among them, these two professionals coming from Colombia.

This training process featured the valuable collaboration of Dr. Alfonso Rordíguez Baeza, professor of anatomy in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Dr. Mariano Monzó, professor of anatomy and human embryology in the University of Barcelona.

After this training process, Colombian doctors, Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Sabogal, thoracic surgeon, and Fernando Fierro Ávila, pediatric surgeon, are organizing along with Biomedisys SAS, Ventura Medical Technologies distributor in their country, a training workshop in Bogotá, so other surgeons can acquire the necessary skills to use the Pectus Up Surgery Kit in the extrathoracic treatment of their patients affected by the Pectus Excavatum.

Ventura Medical Technologies stresses the importance of this training for all surgeons starting out with this technique, developed in collaboration with the Pediatric Surgery Service in Hospital Parc Taulí of Sabadell (Barcelona), to ensure the best results for patients operated on with the Taulinoplastia technique.

It is for this reason that Ventura Medical Technologies takes part in the I International Workshop on Pectus Up which will be held on 18 October in this hospital from Sabadell, and organized by Dr. Bernardo Núñez García and codirected by Dr. Laureano Molins.

You can check the full program by clicking here.

To register for the event, you can contact Mrs. Ester Freixa ( from the workshop secretariat, who will help with the registration and provide all information required by all professionals interested in attending the workshop.