Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to develop and implement comprehensive multi-technology engineering solutions that allow institutions and professionals in the health and dependency sector to turn innovative ideas into reality and to launch them successfully to the market so that they end up having an impact on the improvement of the quality of life of people and in the sustainability of the health system.


Ventura Medical Technologies wants to be a benchmark company in the health sector both nationally and internationally. Given our vocation of leadership in innovation projects, we act as promoters of the entrepreneurship of health professionals.

We want to promote new ideas and turn them into reality, so that they end up improving people’s quality of life, sectoral competitiveness and the sustainability of the health system.


  • Constructive spirit: we create work environments that promote creativity, talent and differentiation to develop innovative technological solutions.
  • Excellence: based on the specialization of our professionals, continuous improvement and the reliability of our products, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality
  • Honesty: we live up to the trust that clients and partners have placed in us, with institutional loyalty and being consistent with the values ​​of the company.
  • Commitment: we foster long-term alliances and guarantee confidentiality with our clients and partners.
  • Professional experience: we invest all our capacities, knowledge, talent and effort in the achievement of the objectives, with the maximum responsibility, seriousness and involvement.


El Pectus Excavatum es una deformidad congénita de la caja torácica que se caracteriza porque el tórax adopta una forma cóncava.

Desarrollo de productos


Disponemos de la capacidad tecnológica para innovar y desarrollar nuevos dispositivos médicos en distintas especialidades.



Hemos desarrollado un nuevo dispositivo que permite la extracción de los tapones de cerumen del canal auditivo.