The University Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona performs this year’s first intervention for a new Pectus Excavatum case by the Taulinoplastia technique.

 The first intervention with Pectus Up surgery kit in University Hospital Vall d’Hebron, a public reference centre in Catalonia, has been performed by Dr. Anna Laín, paediatrics surgery service attending physician. Dr. Laín has performed for the first time a Pectus Excavatum surgery with the Taulinoplastia technique, supported by her team and especially by Dr. Manuel López, head of this service, as well as a specialist in this innovative technique.

The surgery has also included international presence. Doctor Olivier Tiffet, chief of Thoracic Surgery in Saint Etienne University Hospital in France, has actively participated in this Pectus Excavatum correction. Tiffet has been Dr. Manuel López’s team mate in previous surgeries performed in this hospital. Both have performed together several interventions in France by the Taulinoplastia technique. Dr. Olivier Tiffet has valued the technique as a “simplified and free from complications” one.

This time, Dr. Laín and Dr. López have also enjoyed the cooperation of Dr. Javier Pérez, attending surgeon in Thoracic Surgery Service in the same hospital.

During the surgery, cardiac behaviour has been monitored by an echocardiogram displaying live heart images while the sternum lift was performed. This way, all physicians attending the surgery were able to check how the morphology in the mitral valve regained its normal appearance during the intervention.

Dr. Manuel López has emphasized the fact that the Taulinoplastia has repeatedly been performed with good results and by different surgeons as a very positive fact for consolidating this new surgical technique, thus confirming the major contribution of the new technique in the world of thoracic surgery.

Furthermore, this intervention is the first one performed within the Catalan public system. The University Hospital Vall d’Hebron is the largest hospital complex in Catalonia and one of the largest in Spain. With this technique implementation, the hospital confirms its recognition as an innovative centre in solving patients’ problems.