Benefits of Hyposfix

The ease, comfort and adaptability of the hyposfix make it an ideal device for penile surgeries


Any surgery of the penile urethra forces the surgeon to keep the penis resting on the abdomen on its dorsal aspect most of the surgical time, as well as still enough to be able to work in a comfortable way.

The current technique requires the intervention of an assistant, thus immobilizing a professional hand, to keep a constant traction of the suture point that is given to the patient’s glans.

It is difficult to manually maintain the desired traction consistently throughout the whole surgery.

Operacion Hyposfix


BVentura is a Catalan family business, world leader in the manufacture of pistons for automotive brake pumps, with facilities in Les Franqueses del Vallés (Barcelona), the United States and China. Its firm positioning in favor of innovation and leading-edge technology together with the will to commit to society led him it to open a new line of business oriented to the health sector, thus creating Ventura Medical Technologies.


It allows optimal access to the surgical field during surgeries of the urethra or of the other penile structures. It maintains rigidity, tension and position of the tissues in a constant way by resting the base of the penis on a flat surface and not on the patient’s own abdomen.


Surgeries of the urethra or of the other penile structures, as well as fistulas, can also be operated using the Hyposfix.


No assistant is required to keep the penis immobilized, allowing the surgeon to free the surgical field simply with the device.

Pectus Up


Pectus Excavatum is a congenital deformity of the chest cavity, characterised by the concave or “funnel-like” shape of the chest.

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Desarrollo de productos


The company has the technological capacity to innovate and develop new medical devices in different medical and surgical specialties.

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We have developed a new device that allows the removal of earwax plugs from the ear canal.

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