Features of Hyposfix



It is a single-use surgical fixation system that autonomously keeps the tension and rigidity necessary to facilitate the holding of the penis during Hypospadias surgery. A SURGICAL INTERVENTION SHOULD ONLY BE PERFORMED BY SANITARY PROFESSIONALS SPECIALIZING IN UROLOGY AND PEDIATRIC SURGERY

It allows you to adjust the tension you want to give the penis at all times, in an easy way and, by supporting the penis on the device, the necessary rigidity is given to the surgical field, avoiding the flaccidity of the abdomen.

With this device the penis is properly supported and held during surgeries of the urethra or of the other penile structures:

  • Surgeries of the urethra at the base of the penis
  • Surgeries of the back side of the urethra
  • Fistulas
  • Clamping of the base of the penis, to operate with ischemia in a comfortable way
Indicaciones del Hyposfix

Surgical intervention must only be performed by healthcare professionals specialized in urology and pediatric surgery in an operating room


It consists of a plate with a smooth and hard surface, designed to rest on the patient’s abdominal area. It has an arched notch on one side, which adapts to the contour of the base of the penis, preventing it from slipping.

In the area opposite the notch, there is a series of holes for the passage of the threads that previously have to hold the glans penis.

It also has transverse notches on the rest of the sides of the plate for the passage of different traction threads from other structures in the surgical field.


Place the Hyposfix on the patient’s abdominal area, with the notch in the direction of the base of the penis.
Support the patient’s penis on the surface of the product, in the area of ​​the notch.
Immobilize the penis in the desired position, holding the glans penis with suture threads that will be placed in the holes in the area opposite the notch and tie a knot to prevent displacement. See fig. 1.
Introduce the suture threads also through the existing notches on the sides of the device, in order to fix other structures in the surgical field, at the surgeon’s convenience.
The notches can also be used for the passage of the glans threads, if the surgeon prefers them to the holes.
The suture threads will be attached to the back of the plate.
The use of the notches and holes will be used in the most convenient way for the surgeon, according to the different corrective tasks that are required. See fig. 2.
The traction force can be adjusted simply by loosening or tightening the threads, while the linear grooves allow to fix traction threads from other parts of the penis, such as the foreskin, for a better exposure of the surgical field.
Once the corrective tasks have been completed, cut or undo the knots and remove the Hyposfix.
Dispose of the device in the appropriate container after all work has been completed.

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