Benefits of Lantitaps

The SAFETY, portability, autonomy and PRECISION of the LANTITAPS make it an ideal device in Home Care and allow its use in any HEALTH, SOCIAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL CENTER


  • High portability: the device is easy and simple to move. It also comes with a practical and small briefcase to respect the comfort of the health professional.
  • Autonomy in use: Its ease and autonomy allow the professional to handle different scenarios and situations, without needing to rely on an electrical connection or being plugged to the water supply network.
  • The comfort in using the device allows the professional to use it wherever the patient is. It may be used in primary care, otorhinolaryngology consultations and social health centers and residences.
  • Optimum water output speed. Calculated according to the burst pressure of the tympanic membrane and the result of the tests performed with syringes.
  • Ergonomic improvement over the syringe. Its design allows a better grip, weight distribution and emptying of the irrigating device, achieving better precision in irrigation. Simply press the trigger for the automatic expulsion of water.
  • Allows pressure and water flow system control to prevent tympani related problems.


El Pectus Excavatum es una deformidad congénita de la caja torácica que se caracteriza porque el tórax adopta una forma cóncava.

Desarrollo de productos


Disponemos de la capacidad tecnológica para innovar y desarrollar nuevos dispositivos médicos en distintas especialidades.



Hemos desarrollado un nuevo dispositivo que permite la extracción de los tapones de cerumen del canal auditivo.