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Maintenance and cleaning

Once the irrigation is finished the device must be dried off by removing the front cover. A periodic disinfection of the inner parts with a proper disinfectant for the type of material will be necessary, as well as a subsequent rinsing and drying (it is recommended monthly, although it will depend on the frequency of use of the device).

For the disinfection it is advisable to fill the device with water, add disinfectant and after a few minutes, pull the trigger to activate the exit of all the water. Rinse with water several times.

Disinfectants can be the ones normally used in health centres, such as alcohol, quick acting disinfectants against bacteria, fungi and viruses that can be found in pharmacies. Specula should not be disinfected as they are interchangeable and single use for each individual.

In case of calcification, especially if the device is rarely used, clean it with the right additive for decalcification. The use of pure wine vinegar mixed with clear water is an alternative.
An inappropriate maintenance of the device can disrupt its proper functioning.


Keep the device in a dry place.


Keep Lantitaps out of reach of children.

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