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Indications and contraindications

Treatment carried out by health professionals primary care centres, in social and health centres, in social residences, but it could also be carried out by individuals previously instructed in the patient’s own home.
It could also be done by individuals  previously trained in the technique.

To perform the extraction procedure, a healthcare professional should verify that the patient would not be in any of the following contraindications:

  1. Patients with otitis media and external, until its resolution.
  2. Suspected eardrum perforation.
  3. History of chronic otitis media or discharges.
  4. Previous otologic surgery, except stapedectomy or stapedotomy.
  5. Recent injuries to the eardrum and outer ear canal.
  6. Previous history of complications with removal attempts.
  7. Existence of trans-tympanic drainage implanted in children.
  8. Presence of foreign bodies.
  9. Epidermal cap.
  10. Relative contraindication: this treatment should be avoided in diabetics and immunosuppressed patients due to the increased risk of infectious complications.

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