Dr. Bernardo Núñez Garcia and Dr. Laureano Molins organize the first training workshop for pediatric and thoracic surgeons interested in new Taulinoplastia technique

The Pediatric Surgery Service of Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí in Sabadell (Barcelona) led by Dr. Bernardo Núñez, organizes an international workshop on Taulinoplastia (Pectus Up), the new extra-thoracic technique for Pectus Excavatum surgical minimally invasive treatment, having been improved by Ventura Medical Technologies since the end of the clinical testing. The Taulinoplastia is currently being used in many different hospitals, both in pediatric and thoracic surgery, in Spain, France and shortly in Colombia.

The workshop is co-directed by the internationally renowned surgeon Dr. Laureano Molins, chief of thoracic surgery in Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Hospital Sagrat Cor (belonging to Quirónsalud group).

During the session, the technique will be described step by step, a patient affected by Pectus Excavatum will undergo a live surgery, and the results will be announced from the outset, awaiting some publications which are already in progress. Several previous surgeries recordings will also be broadcasted, as well as some with combined technique, for instance, with extreme Haller indexes, to better enable Nuss technique. At the end of the day, a training workshop will be held to try the instrumental used in this technique, the Pectus Up Surgery Kit.

The full program is available by clicking here.

To register for the event, you can contact Mrs. Ester Freixa ( from the workshop secretariat, who will help you with the registration and provide all information required. The event will be free of charge for all attendees.

The aim of the workshop (with a schedule from 11:00 to 17:00h) is spreading the clinical management of the Pectus Excavatum, disclosing the new Taulinoplastia technique and discussing the indications.

During the same week, in the days after this event (Thursday 19 and Friday 20 October) the 1st International Workshop on chest wall deformities will be held in the Surgery Service of Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, attended by great names of the Chest Wall International Group (CWIG) and also codirected by Dr. Laureano Molins.

Ventura Medical Technologies provides support to both workshops and takes place in their activities, contributing knowledge and expertise in the starting-up of this new surgical technique.