Pectus Excavatum Colombia

Doctors Juan Carlos Varón Cotes and Carlos Rodríguez Sabogal performed a surgery with the Pectus Up on a 13-year-old patient affected by Pectus Excavatum.

This is the second patient with Pectus Excavatum, also known as sunken chest, operated on with the Pectus Up on the Caribbean Coast, in Colombia. The intervention with the new implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies took place at the Clínica Mar Caribe in the city of Santa Marta, in Magdalena.

Dr. Varón, a thoracic surgeon from the Universidad El Bosque and an associate professor at the Universidad del Magdalena, has large experience in the surgical treatment of chest deformities such as the Pectus Excavatum, commonly referred to as sunken chest or funnel chest.

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Sabogal, chief of Thoracic Surgery at the Hospital Militar Central de Bogotá and an expert in this type of chest wall deformity, has contributed together with the pediatric surgeon Dr. Fernando Fierro to the training of several surgeons specialized in different areas of Colombia.

The surgery was very successful, the surgeons were very satisfied with the result of the new procedure and the patient had a very favorable evolution, with little postoperative pain.

After the first Pectus Up training workshop held in Bogotá in October 2017, coordinated by Biomedisys SAS, the Pectus Up distributors in Colombia, there are already 18 Pectus Excavatum patients treated with this innovative surgical technique.

The Pectus Up represents an important innovation in the field of thoracic chest deformity surgery, since it is an extrathoracic method, minimally invasive and with a remarkable reduction in risk, complexity and postoperative recovery.

Colombia, Mexico and Chile are the first three countries in Latin America in which this innovative surgical system has been marketed. The first cases will be soon performed in Costa Rica and, in the coming months, the Pectus Up will have the health registry also in Peru and Ecuador.