On 8th of May took place the scientific-technical event about «Innovation for Growth“, driven by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists, and in which took part Dr. Lourdes Camp, manager of Ventura Medical Technologies, exposing the company’s bid for the innovation.

The day began with special emphasis to the definition of Schumpeter (1934) of the term innovation:

«The introduction on the market of a new product or process, which brings different elements with existing hitherto, opening a new market in a country or region or the discovering of a new source of supply of raw materials or intermediate products«.

Carles Gómara, Business Innovation Manager – ACC10, declared the importance of innovation in the industry sector to be competitive and differentiate. Aida Lopez, Senior Consultant Financing Innovation – ALMA CG, also mentioned that innovation and sustainability are key factors to overcome the current financial situation. These guidelines were joined by David Soulsby, Global Head of Product Development & Innovation at TNS, who stated that innovation always goes hand in hand with failure, because this is part of the creation process and therefore it is important to accept and learn from it to improve the next product and avoid making the same mistakes.

On the press release on the event, it was published that «innovation must serve to give response to the challenges and opportunities that the market presents to address new segments, markets or customers in line with defined strategies to create more value in the company. Innovation is increasingly shaping the sustainable growth of enterprises. They invest in innovation because it represents the best opportunity to increase market share, reduce production costs and increase profits. Overall, for innovations to be successful, they must be the result of effective leadership, must serve specific objectives and should be implemented through the creation and management of knowledge“.