We develop and implement integral solutions to research and innovation projects: technology transfer


Our R+D+i department is responsible for the comprehensive development of projects. It is made up of a team of highly qualified specialists in different disciplines that aim to:

  • Generate innovative solutions to the demands
  • Validate them using different tools: finite element calculations, fatigue testing, biocompatibility studies, computer simulations…
  • Design feasible production processes with criteria of reliability, productivity and flexibility
  • Define the process controls to guarantee «zero defects», using tools such as statistical process control, three-dimensional measurement systems and artificial vision
  • Design the appropriate packaging and logistics for each product/service


The combination and integration of new technological processes and the strong investment in dynamic internal development projects have given us the ability to develop comprehensive projects requiring the following technologies:

  • CAD / CAE / CAM design
  • Mechanics
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electricity
  • Electronics
  • Robotics
  • Artificial vision
  • Software


Industry experience of more than 40 years provides us with the knowledge of the most reliable suppliers in any of the technologies, so to outsource the activities needed for the most demanding projects, and taking responsibility for the overall quality of the entire process and for the final result.

The relationship with our suppliers is based on collaboration and fluid communication that allows us to find the best solutions in an agile way.


El Pectus Excavatum es una deformidad congénita de la caja torácica que se caracteriza porque el tórax adopta una forma cóncava.

Desarrollo de productos


Disponemos de la capacidad tecnológica para innovar y desarrollar nuevos dispositivos médicos en distintas especialidades.



Hemos desarrollado un nuevo dispositivo que permite la extracción de los tapones de cerumen del canal auditivo.