This device meets the strictest quality controls throughout the manufacture of all of its parts.


Thank you for your confidence in our product.

This device meets the strictest Quality controls throughout the manufacture of all of its parts.

The guarantee is valid 24 months from the date of the purchase and the receipt must be provided in order to have access to it. During this period, BV Medical Technologies will arrange for your product to be serviced free-of-charge and/or the replacement of the device or of any defective parts, if there are manufacturing faults. The guarantee does not cover all the elements subjected to normal wear, nor labour costs, shipping, or packaging.

If the device has been repaired by unauthorized agents or with elements not approved by the company, the guarantee of the product will not cover any failures or damaged caused to it. Likewise, no guarantee will be provided if the device has been misused or neglected.

The company will not cover the guarantee of the product if it is misused, as doing tests for a use other than the specified, reusing the same speculum for different patients or not following any of the procedures described in this user guide.

The replacement or the repair of the device or of its parts under guarantee will not extend the period of the guarantee.

Certificación Europea


El Pectus Excavatum es una deformidad congénita de la caja torácica que se caracteriza porque el tórax adopta una forma cóncava.

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Hemos desarrollado un nuevo dispositivo que permite la extracción de los tapones de cerumen del canal auditivo.