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Dr. Andrés Varela de Ugarte is leading the world training of surgeons in Pectus Up technique for Pectus Excavatum patients

Three more Pectus Up surgeries have been made in Madrid last month. Dr. Andrés Varela and Dr. Javier Moradiellos at the Quirón Salud Hospital in Pozuelo de Alarcón, and Varela at the Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda.

Dr. Andrés Varela is the Chief of the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Puerta de Hierro, and Varela and Dr. Javier Moradiellos are managers in Hospital Quirón Salud Madrid Service.

Varela has become the internationally renowned thoracic surgeon having trained more surgeons and operated on more affected patients of Pectus Excavatum.

Twenty specialists in thoracic surgery have been trained in the Pectus Up by Dr. Varela, who has become the internationally renowned thoracic surgeon who has trained more surgeons and has operated on more affected patients of Pectus Excavatum, in all centers where he carries out the interventions.

Last month there have been three surgeries on three male patients of ages 15, 19, and 37.

Surgical sessions included expert surgeons in thorax deformities from the Hospital of Getafe, Dr. Beatriz de Olaiz, Chief of the Thoracic Surgery Service, Dr. Jiménez Carneros and Dr. Pedro Gato from the same hospital; of the Hospital Niño Jesús, Dr. Pablo Morato Robert, member of the Pediatric Surgery Service team; and of the Hospital San Pedro of Logroño, Dr. Carlos Miguélez, member of the team of the Thoracic Surgery Service.

This innovative surgical technique for the treatment of Pectus Excavatum, whose implant has been developed by Ventura Medical Technologies, allows to treat the Pectus Excavatum with an extrathoracic and very non-invasive approach.

The new surgical technique of Pectus Up brings multiple advantages for the patient, involves fewer complications, both intraoperatively and postoperatively, and produces less pain, so that the patients experience a better recovery and early adaptation to their daily lives. In addition, the technique is not excessively complex and does not require a high level of training, although it demands a continuous training by the surgeon.