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Global capacity

Ventura Medical Technologies has the competitive advantage of being able to supply global solutions based on our professional skills.

Integral process management, our own R&D and innovation resources and our professional team put us at the forefront of the most demanding projects.

Integral management

We have the capacity to cover all development stages of a project:

  • Supplying a specialised engineering support service
  • Putting the capacity for invention of health centre professionals to work
  • Providing technological assessment to detect improvements for the way their teams work
  • Strengthening ideas from an industrial and technological perspective
  • Designing the product in keeping with planned functional requirements, until the idea becomes a prototype
  • Taking part in validation tests
  • Manufacturing and marketing the product so that it reaches the markets with the highest guarantees of success


In order to guarantee the successful application and creation of product value, we have a global management system with proven experience, which enables us to carry out a series of activities that need to be developed simultaneously:

  • Market research
  • Business plan
  • Patent applications, maintenance and defence
  • Manufacturing of products
  • Ensuring the latest legal requirements and administrative guidelines are followed
  • Validation under AEMPS (the Spanish Dept of Health Products and Medicines)
  • Marketing Plan
  • Coordination of communications and promotions work plan
  • Specialised training for professionals

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