Pectus Up en Valencia

A Pectus Up surgery was performed on a 19-year-old boy at the Hospital Católico Universitario Casa de Salud en Valencia, where Dr. Galbis has started up the first Congenital Deformities Unit of the Thoracic Wall in Health Valencian private healthcare.

«Two surgeries implementing this new technique have been performed on patients aged 12 and 19 years respectively, who have been discharged two days after the surgeries, without complications». Dr. Marcelo Galbis

«The patients have not only reach the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after the surgery; but also the postoperative pain is controlled with low doses of conventional analgesics». Dr. Marcelo Galbis

This hospital already hosted the Jornadas en Cirugía Torácica course  in September 2018, in which several thoracic surgeons took part in the first Pectus Up surgery in the Valencian community.

«The Pectus up, minimally invasive technique to fix the Pectus Excavatum, minimizes bleeding and complications during the surgery, reducing pain and shortening the recovery period». Dr. Marcelo Galbis

«The implant remains in the patient’s body during the period of growth and will be removed once the thoracic process of ossification is completed, the chest wall being completely corrected». Dr. Marcelo Galbis

Dr. Galbis is the current Head of the Thoracic Surgery Service and Respiratory Area Coordinator of the Hospital de la Ribera (Valencia), President of the Hospital Research Commission and President of the Foundation of the Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery (FSECT ).

He has more than 300 ratings of patients with congenital chest wall deformity thanks to his long experience in this specialty.

With this surgery, the Pectus Up, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies, consolidates in the Valencian Community as an innovative alternative for the correction of the Pectus Excavatum.