Ventura Medical Technologies EIT Bridgehead Program

The developer the Pectus Up Surgery Kit has been one of the 24 companies selected to take part in this internationalization program.

The 24 companies that will participate in the EIT Health Bridgehead programme — which aims to help expand their presence within new European and global markets— were announced on November 22.

The EIT Health was created in 2015 as a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This institute is made up of communities belonging to various sectors, in this case, the healthcare one. The objective of the KICs is to weave a network that connects experts to create an ideal scenario for innovation.

The Bridgehead selection criteria is based on the innovation of the solutions offered by the companies, as well as on their business model and the impact they have caused in their countries of origin. These are start-ups that work to improve the health area in various fields.

EIT Health Bridgehead Ventura MedicalFor all these reasons, Ventura Medical Technologies is proud to announce that the firm is among the companies selected to take part in this encouraging program. The opportunity to generate connections and synergies with other partners will help the company learn from the experts and market its products in the chosen countries.

Undoubtedly, one of the key factors in determining whether to include Ventura Medical Technologies in the EIT Health Bridgehead has been the recent launch of the new generation of the Pectus Up, an extrathoracic implant for the correction of Pectus Excavatum. This implant was conceived and developed in 2012 aimed at pediatric patients, but thanks to the interest that it has been arousing among members of the surgical and scientific community, many experts have contributed to the evolution of the implant, whose new model was launched in 2021, even reaching to exceed the company’s expectations of success. Currently, the implant is also an excellent option for adult patients with higher rates of asymmetry who want to correct their Pectus Excavatum in a very short time, with less risk and with little pain.