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Instructions for use

  • IMPORTANT! Always place a water collector container under the ear canal for the irrigation.
  • IMPORTANT! Once the ear wax plug extraction is finished, the front part must be removed to wipe it up inside. In the case of irrigation on several patients on the same day, it can be wiped up at the end.
  • IMPORTANT! More than one irrigation will be probably needed, but it is recommended not to irrigate more than 500 ml per session.
  • IMPORTANT! In case of trouble with the complete removal of the earwax plug after irrigating the recommended 500ml per session, it is advised to install earwax softeners in the ear canal and repeat the irrigation on another day.
  • IMPORTANT! The speculum used for irrigation is single use and interchangeable. Using it on more than one patient may cause unnecessary risks.
  • IMPORTANT! Do not use the Lantitaps without all its components correctly positioned to avoid damaging the device mechanism as well as possible accidents due to misuse.
  • IMPORTANT!  The guarantee of the product will not be assumed by the company in case of misuse, such as testing with it for a use except as provided herein, reusing the same speculum for different patients or not following any of the procedures described in the operation manual.
  • IMPORTANT! When a professional uses the Lantitaps for the first time, or the device is not used frequently, it is recommended to fill the reservoir with water and empty it a couple of times outside the patient’s environment before irrigating the ear.




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