Nuevo Pectus Up en el Fifth International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery

Ventura Medical Technologies, along with Dr. Manuel López Paredes, introduced the new generation of Pectus Up at the congress held in Barcelona.

In November 2021, the Fifth International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery was held in Barcelona, ​​chaired by doctors Laureano Molins, José Belda Sanchís and Ramón Rami-Porta, heads of the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Hospital Clínic, the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and the Hospital Mútua de Terrassa (Barcelona), respectively.

Dr. Molins is the surgeon with most surgeries performed with the Pectus Up in Spain, where patients from other countries also travel to be operated on with this technique.

In this event, specialists from all over the world gather to learn about medical and technological advances in the area of ​​thoracic surgery. This edition had more than 300 registered attendees —between on-site and virtual— who could enjoy oral and video presentations on different areas of thoracic surgery, as well as breakfasts, lunch seminars and papers exhibited in poster and video format.

Ventura Medical Technologies chose this important meeting to introduce the new generation of the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, an extrathoracic implant to correct the Pectus Excavatum with a minimally invasive approach. This new model is an evolution of its first version — designed in 2012 — as a result of the collaboration of a large number of surgeons who have opted for the technique, contributing ideas and helping so that the new Pectus Up can be implanted in a larger range of patients, both by age and by the particular characteristics of their Pectus Excavatum.

New Pectus Up generation introduced at the Fifth International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery

One of the most experienced surgeons in Pectus Up in the world, Dr. Manuel López Paredes, head of the Pediatric Surgery Service at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, ​​was in charge of introducing this new generation of the most innovative implant to correct the Pectus Excavatum. The new Pectus Up greatly interested the attendees, both in the presentation and in the seminar lunch that was held the following day, where all the interested attendees were able to see a presentation and a demonstration of the actual use of the implant and the surgical instruments.

The new generation of Pectus Up has been successfully implanted in many surgeries in Europe, both in pediatric patients and in adults with chest asymmetry. All of them have proven successful and have got the support of surgeons and patients, the foSrmer due to the simplicity of the technique and the latter due to the brief convalescence and the low presence of pain.