Costa Rica, new Latin American country where Ventura Medical Technologies can offer the Pectus Up to patients affected by Pectus Excavatum, also known as sunken chest.

The company Sumedical S.A, new distributor of Pectus Up in Costa Rica, has worked with Ventura Medical Technologies to obtain Health Registration with the Dirección de Regulación de Productos de Interés Sanitario (DRPIS) of the Ministry of Health.

Sumedical is a medical products supplier offering a differentiated service in the healthcare sector by bringing new solutions to the market and continuously seeking to improve the patients’ quality of life.

Ventura Medical Technologies has already registered the Pectus Up in different countries around the world, such as Spain, France, UK, Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Italy.

In other countries, such as Morocco and Peru, the Pectus Up is in at the stage of registration acceptance by the corresponding health authorities.

The DRPIS certifies that the Pectus Up Surgery Kit is a quality medical device and that it conforms to Costa Rican regulations regarding healthcare products. This enables Ventura Medical Technologies to distribute the most innovative product for the fixing of Pectus Excavatum. This new surgical method allows to treat the most frequent deformity of the chest with an extrathoracic approach and, therefore, minimally invasive.

After obtaining the CE Certificate in the European Union, the Pectus Up continues to gain quality certificates in other Latin American countries. The main aim of the company for 2020 is that the Pectus Up may be available in the United States.

More and more patients worldwide are interested in this innovative technique, as they are looking for a non-invasive surgical alternative to traditional methods to fix the Pectus Excavatum.

In order to successfully perform this kind of surgeries, and also for the innovative surgical method to expand in Costa Rica, trained professionals are required to accurately implant the Pectus Up.

Ventura Medical Technologies will provide assessment and training needed in order for surgical implantation of the Pectus Up to be performed with total safety and guarantee by all surgeons interested in the new technique.

Dr. Andrea Mata Blanco, thoracic surgery specialist at Hospital La Católica, in Goicoechea, San José de Costa Rica, will be the first surgeon to conduct this training process.