This february, a new surgery to correct a Pectus Excavatum case with the Pectus Up implant has been performed in the city of Pereira, in the department of Risaralda (Colombia).

The Pectus Up keeps on consolidating its place in Colombia, a country where the overall incidence of Pectus Excavatum is quite high compared to other places of the world. This time, again thanks to the work of Biomedisys, Pectus Up distributor in Colombia, the technique has been successfully introduced in the spot known as the Colombian coffee region, an area that mainly covers the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío.

This February, Dr. Carlos A. Rodríguez Sabogal, a professor and expert in the Pectus Up technique, joined two thoracic surgeons in a surgery performed on a 13-year-old male patient. The operation took place at the Clínica San Rafael Sede Megacentro in Pereira, located in the Colombian department of Risaralda.

Dr. Sabogal has already trained several specialists from different cities in Colombia in the Pectus Up technique, the minimally invasive surgical alternative to other treatments for Pectus Excavatum.

The two surgeons who participated in this surgical procedure, Dr. Elkin Cabrera and Dr. Mauricio González, fixed the Pectus Excavatum of a 13-year-old patient with a Haller index of 3.79, highlighting, among the various advantages of Pectus Up over others traditional procedures, “the ease of the surgical technique, which is less invasive and of shorter duration”.

Both thoracic surgeons also emphasized that the surgery with Pectus Up is less traumatic for the patient, which makes it an excellent option for candidates for a Pectus Excavatum surgical treatment, since the reported pain is minimal, no ICU admission is required, the hospital stay does not exceed two or three days and the patient recovers at home, with a prescribed treatment of analgesia.

With this new case, the Clínica San Rafael Clinic becomes the second reference center in the Colombian coffee region, joining the Hospital Infantil de Manizales – Seccional Cruz Roja Caldas.

Currently, the Pectus Up is available in Spain, France, Greece and Portugal in Europe, and in Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica in Latin America.

Professionals interested in this technique can contact Pectus Up distributors around the world.