Pectus Up takes hold in Colombia

Hospital Infantil Universitario de San José in Bogotá and Hospital Infantil Universitario Rafael Henao Toro are using the Pectus Up technique to treat the Pectus Excavatum.

  • Colombia has already fixed 17 Pectus Excavatum cases with the Pectus Up technique

The Pediatric Surgery group of the children’s  Hospital Infantil Universitario de San José, in Bogotá, operated for the first time in this institution for the fixing of a Pectus Excavatum on a 14-year-old patient, with the innovative Pectus Up Surgery Kit system, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies and distributed by Biomedisys Colombia.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Juan Fernando Medina, a pediatric surgeon, along with Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, a thoracic surgeon. Both specialists have already operated on other patients affected by Pectus Excavatum in several hospitals in Bogotá

On the other hand, in the Hospital Infantil Universitario Rafael Henao Toro, located in the city of Manizales, two more surgeries were performed the same day to fix combined Pectus ExacavatumPectus Carinatum and Pectus Arcuatum chest deformities with the implantation of Pectus Up plates on two pediatric patients aged 13 and 15.

These surgeries were made with surgical techniques combined with the Pectus Up system. In both cases, it was possible to correct the patients’ chest deformities without any complication. With just two days of hospital stay and lower doses of analgesia, it is concluded that this technique is a less traumatic one for patients as well as it enables a quick recovery.

The procedures, both successful, were performed by the group of pediatric surgeons of the hospital, led by Dr. Oscar Salazar Gómez, along with Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Sabogal, a thoracic surgeon who already has a great deal of experience in the Pectus Up technique.


Over this year, there are already 17 patients in Colombia operated on with the implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies, and more and more specialists are showing an interest in incorporating the Pectus Up into their surgical practice.

The Pectus Up is an extrathoracic implant accompanied by some surgical instruments enabling the elevation of the patient’s sternum, thus correcting the chest deformity in a less invasive and traumatic way.

This system keeps positioning among the groups of specialists as the best treatment option for the fixing of Pectus Excavatum, as it is a simple surgical technique which has a minimum rate of complications, both intraoperative and postoperative.

Currently, Pectus Up is available in Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom in Europe; and in Colombia, Chile and Mexico in Latin America.