A patient from Ecuador operated on in Colombia with the Pectus Up

Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Sabogal, an expert in chest deformities, practiced a new surgery on a 23-year-old patient affected by Pectus Excavatum, also called sunken chest.

The patient came specifically from Quito to be operated on in Bogotá, after assessing the advantages offered by the innovative Pectus Up extrathoracic system in relation to few days spent in hospital, less use of analgesia and quick recovery.

The advantages of treating the Pectus Excavatum with the Pectus Up include that it is very little invasive and without risks of damaging internal organs, since the surgery does not require to enter the chest cavity to place the implant.

The surgery was performed in the Clínica VIP – Centro Médico Internacional de Bogotá. The patient was discharged after two days of hospital stay and was able to return to his country after his stitches were removed.

Rodríguez has successfully operated with the Pectus Up technique on a large number of patients in Colombia. He has also trained all thoracic surgeons there, who are currently treating the Pectus Excavatum, also known as funnel chest, with this procedure.

Dr. Rodríguez was trained in Barcelona (Spain) with the Company Ventura Medical Technologies, developper of the minimally invasive surgical technique Pectus Up. This innovative procedure involves the traction of the sternum with an extrathoracic approach until the sinking of the thorax is reduced.

Con la intervención de este paciente de Quito se constata que el Pectus Up Surgery Kit está ampliando fronteras en el continente latinoamericano.

With this Ecuadorian patient’s surgery, it is confirmed that the Pectus Up Surgery Kit is expanding borders in the Latin American continent.

Currently, there are patients being treated with the Pectus Up method in Mexico, Chile and Colombia in Latin America, and in Spain, France, and Portugal in Europe. Soon, there will also be surgeries in the United Kingdom, Morocco, Costa Rica and Peru.