Pectus Up implant on a patient after Nuss Bar removal

In Bogotá, Colombia, Dr. Carlos Alberto Rodríguez Sabogal and Dr. Ricardo López Palacio performed a complex surgery that required a Buss Bar removal and the placement of the extrathoracic implant Pectus Up.

After the relapse of his Pectus Excavatum, a patient needed a new surgery six years after having undergone a Nuss Bar implant. The procedure took place at the Hospital Central de la Policía Nacional, in the city of Bogotá, being the second surgery in this important institution, which serves more than 600,000 users among members of the institution and their families.

The patient evolved favourably with no complications, and was discharged after three days of admission. Now he is at home to recover and get postoperative care.

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez is a specialist in thoracic surgery at the Hospital Militar and the Clinica Internacional VIP in the city of Bogotá, having been trained at Universidad El Bosque University. Together with Dr. Fernando Fierro, Rodríguez attended the first specialist training workshop in Colombia to acquire the necessary skills in the use of the Pectus Up Surgery Kit for the extrathoracic surgical treatment of his patients with Pectus Excavatum.

Both surgeons visited Barcelona in 2017 to take part in several training activities in this new technique, along with Mr. Edgar Salazar Betancur, General Manager of Biomedisys SAS, distributor of Ventura Medical Technologies products in Colombia.

In turn, Dr. Ricardo López Palacio is a specialist in general surgery and a thoracic surgeon at the El Bosque University (Bogotá). He has also performed a fellowship in Advanced Thoracoscopic Surgery at the Centennial Medical Center in Nashville (United States) and he is an expert in chest wall deformities. For several years he has been serving in the Hospital Central de la Policía Nacional as the chief of the Thoracic Surgery Service.

With this new surgery in Colombia, the innovative surgical technique of Pectus Up to fix the Pectus Excavatum, moves a step forward in its consolidation as the best treatment alternative for patients suffering from this disease among the medical groups of the specialties of pediatric and thoracic surgery.

Among the many advantages of the Pectus Up are its easy implantation, that it is very little invasive, that the patient suffers less pain than with currently existing techniques and that it takes fewer days of hospitalization, so that the patient undergoes a faster recovery, since the thoracic cavity is not invaded during the surgery.