Dr. Daniel Munguía Canales joins the medical team of the Sanatorio Cuautla in their first surgery with the Pectus Up.

This month of February, the first Pectus Excavatum surgery with the Pectus Up, the extrathoracic implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies, took place at the Sanatorio Cuautla hospital, in the state of Michoacán, in northern Mexico.

This hospital, opened in 1995, has the most advanced technology and facilities to give patients a high-level professional healthcare.

On February 13, and for the first time in this referral center, a 20-year-old male patient with a slightly asymmetric Pectus Excavatum with Haller index 3.5 was implanted the Pectus Up. The surgeons who performed the surgery were Dr. Iván Calvo and Dr. Daniel Munguía, joined by Dr. Jorge Coria, anesthesiologist, and by nurse Montserrat Garfias, a technician from the company Nnova Mederi, the  Pectus Up distributor in the aztec country.

This time, the fixing of the Pectus Excavatum was complemented with a correction of the flare costal of the patient in order to achieve a better aesthetic result. The professionals used subarachnoid block anesthesia, and analgesia using a subcutaneous elastomeric pump with buprenorphine, an excellent option endorsed by many professionals. The patient was not intubated at any time.

With this surgery, the operating range of the Pectus Up is expanded in Mexico and in the world, consolidating it as an excellent extrathoracic and minimally invasive alternative for the correction of Pectus Excavatum. More and more professionals rely on this technique, which is already available in Spain, France, Portugal and Greece in Europe, and in Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica in Latin America.

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