Several thoracic and pediatric surgeons are trained in Pectus Up, a technique for treating Pectus Excavatum, held in Mexico City.

Last November, surgeons from the Costa Rican hospital Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia and the Hospital de Especialidades del Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI-IMSS, in Mexico City, attended a training in Pectus Up, given by personnel from Ventura Medical Technologies and by Dr. Daniel Munguía Canales.

The training was attended by Dr. Andrea Mata and Dr. William Guido, both thoracic surgeons from the Thoracic Surgery Service of the Calderón Guardia Hospital in San José, Costa Rica. From Mexico, there was also Dr. Gerardo Lugo, a thoracic surgeon in several public and private hospitals in the city of Ensenada, and Dr. Izchel Valdés, pediatric surgeon at Hospital Siglo XXI.

The training was divided into two sessions, the first one as a theoretical workshop, and the second one in a practical session with two Pectus Excavatum surgeries with the Pectus Up practiced by Dr. Munguía.

The Pectus Up implant, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies, was registered with the Registry of Products of Health Interest (DRPIS) of the Ministry of Health of Costa Rica at the beginning of this year.

Thanks to the involvement of Sumedical, distributor of Pectus Up in Costa Rica, and the interest aroused by the Pectus Up among Costa Rican specialists in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum, patients in this country who suffer from this congenital malformation will be able to correct it through this innovative extrathoracic approach method that consists of a minimally invasive intervention, with a practically painless postoperative period and a fast recovery time.

Distributors, hospitals or surgeons interested in learning more about this surgical method, can contact Ventura Medical Technologies to obtain the advice and training needed to offer their patients with Pectus Excavatum the implantation of the Pectus Up with total safety and guarantee.