Step by step

Lantitaps: removal of earwax plugs after directing a flow of water against the wall of the ear canal


The Lantitaps produces an irrigation of the ear canal with a constant pressure, with no need of regulation. When the trigger is released, the water expelling stops automatically. The device may not be used for any use other except as provided herein.

  • Figure 1. To load the Lantitaps, the front must be free, without the interchangeable speculum.
  • Figure 2. The arm holding the Lantitaps should be kept stretched and faced towards the water container.
  • Figure 3. To fill the Lantitaps, pull the trigger all the way, with the index and middle fingers of one hand.
  • Figure 4. Pull the handle from the back side with the other hand, keeping the nozzle immersed.
  • Figure 5. Once the pull has reached the end of his course, release the trigger. The Lantitaps will be ready.
  • Figure 6 & 7. To start irrigation, place the interchangeable speculum on the front part of the Lantitaps.
  • Figure 8 & 9. Press the trigger all the way and do not stop so as to not interrupt the irrigation.
  • Figure 10.  Before each load, the exchangeable speculum must be removed from the front of the Lantitaps.


El Pectus Excavatum es una deformidad congénita de la caja torácica que se caracteriza porque el tórax adopta una forma cóncava.

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