After being authorised to market the Pectus Up in Costa Rica, Ventura Medical Technologies, in cooperation with Sumedical CR, has conducted an online training course for thoracic surgeons experts in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum in the city of San José.

Several thoracic surgeons from the hospitals Calderon Guardia and San Juan de Dios took part in a training course to treat Pectus Excavatum with the Pectus Up technique. The course was imparted by videoconference by Ventura Medical Technologies.

Thanks to surgeons being trained in the Pectus Up, Costa Rica patients affected by Pectus Excavatum will be able to benefit from this new minimally invasive surgical technique.

From the thoracic surgery service at the Hospital Calderon Guardia, Dr. José Alberto Mainieri Hidalgo, head and manager of service, Dr. Andrea Mata BlancoDr. Albert Bolaños Cubillo and Dr. William Guido Guerrero took part in it.

Furthermore, Dr, Ricardo Alfaro, thoracic surgeon at Hospital San Juan de Dios, also from the city of San José, took part in it too.

Previously, Sumedical CR professionals, Pectus Up distributor in Costa Rica, were trained in the Pectus Up by Ventura Medical Technologies.

After obtaining the health registration from DRPIS, and thanks to Sumedical’s cooperation and the training in the method for surgeons from these two Costa Rican hospitals, more patients from the American continent will be able to have their Pectus Excavatum fixed with an extrathoracic approach.

Ventura Medical Technologies provides guidance and the required training to perform the surgical implantation of the Pectus Up in complete safety and guarantee by all surgeons interested in specialising in this new method.

The company has conducted training courses on the Pectus Up for thoracic and paediatric surgeons around the world: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Italy in Europe; Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru in Latin America; Morocco in Africa. Both in the latest country and in Peru, the Pectus Up is in the process of being accepted by the register by their respective health authorities.