The Pectus Up, a minimally invasive technique to correct the Pectus Excavatum, takes hold in the Andalusian capital with two new cases.

Dr. Miguel Congregado Loscertales, world leader in thoracic surgery, operated last June on a 15-year-old patient, affected by Pectus Excavatum. To fix this malformation, he used the Pectus Up extrathoracic implant, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.

Pectus Excavatum is the most frequent congenital deformity of the chest cavity, which consists in a concave depression of the sternum, better known as a funnel chest. Certainly, the flagship of Pectus Excavatum is the sunken appearance of the sternum.

The Pectus Up technique consists of placing an implant on top of the sternum, through a small incision in the chest, which pulls it upwards to achieve a more anatomically correct position. Subsequently, the implant is attached to the sternum and rib cartilages to keep the position after the surgery.

Congregado is Head of Service at the Hospital Quirónsalud Infanta Luisa in Seville (Spain), where he performed the surgery. He also holds the positions of professor at the University of Seville and Head of Quality and Teaching at the Thoracic Surgery Unit at the Hospital Universitario  Virgen Macarena.

The latter was the site of a new Pectus Excavatum suregry  with Pectus Up last week, performed by  Dr. Fernando Cozar Bernal.

Cozar is a specialist surgeon in the Thoracic Surgery Area at the Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena in Seville. He has also worked at the Complejo Hospitalario of Jaén and at the Hospital Puerta del Mar in Cádiz. He is a member of several medical associations, such as the Spanish Association of Surgeons, the Ibero-American Association of Thoracic Surgery, the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons and NEUMOSUR, among others.

Both these new surgeries and the first operation carried out in Seville at the end of last year, consolidate the technique in a wide area of ​​the Autonomous Community of Andalusia in Spain.

Ventura Medical Technologies is currently marketing the Pectus Up implant in Spain, France and Portugal in Europe, and in Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru in Latin America. Recently, it has been authorized to market it in Costa Rica.