Ventura Medical Technologies traveled to Massachusetts to take part in the Medical Devices and Medical 3D Printing business mission

During the week 16-20 April, Ventura Medical Technologies went to Boston and took part in this mission with several aims, among which are increasing knowledge on the access to the US market, make the new implant for Pectus Excavatum treatment, the Pectus Up Surgery Kit, known among pediatric and thoracic surgeons in Massachusetts, as well as implementing 3D printing in their manufacturing activities in healthcare field.

The mission was organized by ACC1Ó (Agency for Business Competitiveness) through their Foreign Trade and Investment Office and in cooperation with the association CataloniaBio & HealthTech.

ACC1Ó undertook this mission with the aim that companies like Ventura Medical Technologies stand up for industry 4.0 development within healthcare field and find funding and possible partnerships for a complete and optimal development.

Along with the remaining participating companies, Ventura Medical Technologies visited several hospitals, technology centers and laboratories, and met with local companies and entities from science and technology sector, such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children Hospital, Tufts Medical CenterBoston Scientific headquarters and the Weitz Laboratory in Harvard University.

The company did not want to miss out on the chance to take part in the mission since Massachusetts is an important heart of technology generation in the US, with entities as the MIT or Harvard University.

Besides the visits, Ventura Medical Technologies also participated in networking events with regulatory and investments experts, as well as other companies in the sector.

The mission was deliberately matched with one of the most important events in the sector, which was held during the same week in Boston: the BIOMEDevice 2018, that brought together more than 4500 attendees from the medical technology field, product of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry global exponential growth. Ventura Medical Technologies is willing to be a part of this growth with its new extrathoracic implant Pectus Up Surgery Kit to fix the Pectus Excavatum with a minimally invasive approach, as well as with other projects that will surface soon.

Ventura Medical Technologies also participated in the MassMEDIC’s 22nd Annual Conference and in the networking with other companies in the biomedical sector.

Press release (CAT)