Doctors José M. Galbis, Sergio Bolufer and Fermín Sánchez took part in a new use of the Pectus Up in patients with a more asymmetric Pectus Excavatum.

Dr. Andrés Varela, manager of the Thoracic Surgery Service in Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda in Madrid, keeps training surgeons coming from several Spanish regions in the new Pectus Up technique.

Dr. Jose M Galbis is the manager of the Thoracic Surgery Service and the coordinator of Respiratory Area in Hospital de la Ribera in Alzira (Valencia), Dr. Sergio Bolufer Nadal is responsible for the Thoracic Surgery Service in Hospital General Universitario of Alicante, and Dr. Fermín Sánchez is a thoracic surgeon at Hospital Universitario Miguel Servet, as well as an expert in chest wall surgery and deformities

In one of the surgical sessions performed by Dr. Varela last June in Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda, a patient affected by an asymmetrical Pectus Excavatum was operated on with the Pectus Up, although this time the extrathoracic new procedure was combined with a continuous traction system. The aim of using this new version was to facilitate the Pectus Up securing to the sternum of a patient with an asymmetrical Pectus Excavatum and with high chest wall rigidity.

In this case, Dr. Varela also adapted the Pectus Up to the patient by bending the device before the implantation. This measure intends to over-correct the shape of the thorax by reversing the initial Pectus Excavatum.

The participation of all the surgeons specialized in chest wall surgical treatment, such as Dr. Andrés Varela in Madrid, or Dr. Laureano Molins, Dr. Manuel López and Dr. Bernardo Núñez in Barcelona, among others, succeeds in improving the minimally invasive surgical technique of the Pectus Up, developed by Ventura Medical Technologies.