Presentacion de Lantitaps

Ventura Medical Technologies has developed  the Lantitaps, a new device for the removal of ear wax plugs in an easy and safe way

The SCGiC Congress, whose motif was «We add health to the elderly», was held on November 7 and 8 at the Academy of Health Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands in Barcelona, ​​and was the venue for the introduction of the Lantitaps.

The aim of the president of the SCGiG, Dr. Marco Inzitari, as well as that of the organizing and scientific committee, chaired by Dr. Jordi Amblàs, was to share knowledge from a perspective aimed beyond disciplines and focused on people.

In the Congress, attended by more than 200 participants, issues as work in residential facilities and aspects of geriatrics and gerontology were discussed,  The event was also featured by notable international speakers.

The Congress was co-organized with the Geriatrics Service of the Parque Salud Mar-Hospital del Mar and focused on the collaborative approach between professionals from different fields of expertise for the care of the elderly.

The Lantitaps, which improves the safety and functionality of the extraction of ear wax plugs, is a good device for primary health care professionals as well as those providing health care to the elderly, a group that is very affected by this disease.

The uneasiness of emptying the voluminous syringes used in the removal of ear wax plugs and, on the other hand, the high cost, limited porting and low battery range of electric irrigators led to new solutions.

The Lantitaps was devised by Dr. Federico Javier Hernández Chafes, a family doctor at the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS), and developed by Ventura Medical Technologies. The device is protected with a European Patent.

Development, manufacture and marketing of the Lantitaps has been carried out thanks to the collaboration between the inventor, IDIAP Jordi Gol (Foundation for the Development of Research in Primary Care) and Ventura Medical Technologies,

The company provides the know-how and the necessary experience of the industrial sector to design, manufacture and market innovative medical products with the maximum guarantees of success.