The meeting will be held next November in Barcelona and will host major international thoracic surgeons.

The Fourth International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery will take place in the emblematic Gothic Quarter of Barcelona from November 28 to 30. The success of the first three editions has encouraged the organizing committee, comprised of doctors Laureano Molins, Ramón Rami-Porta and José Belda-Sanchís, not to miss the chance to work in the organization of a new session focused on thoracic surgery.

The 2018 Joint Meeting will consist of several oral and video presentations on different areas of thoracic surgery, thoracic oncology and other related topics. In the list of speakers there are prominent figures such as Hisao Asamura, from Japan, or Frank Detterbeck, from the United States.

Ventura Medical Technologies wished to take part in the event, with the support of Dr. Molins, who is part of the organization, along with Dr. Andrés Varela and Dr. Manuel López Paredes. On November 28, there is a lunch seminar where the company and the surgeons will discuss the experience and indications of the Pectus Up, the extrathoracic implant developed by Ventura Medical Technologies for the fixing of Pectus Excavatum, as well as the issues to bear in mind during a surgery with the Pectus Up Surgery Kit.

The Pectus Up is an important step forward in the treatment of Pectus Excavatum in terms of surgical approach, time in the OR, postoperative and recovery of the patient, so it should not be missed in an event focused on the revision of traditional methods and new procedures and surgical techniques.

In this edition of the Fourth International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery, the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery (SECT), which also organizes an annual congress and several courses for residents of thoracic surgery, stands out as a novelty, the same as the inclusion of the areas of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR). Both groups will join the event for the first time to discuss the latest developments in thoracic surgery.